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The Mile High Baptist Association is comprised of local churches united by a shared vision: to reach and rescue those who have yet to discover the message of Jesus Christ. We collectively believe that by investing time, energy, and resources, we can amplify our influence throughout our city. Our ultimate goal is to witness thriving, gospel-focused churches replicate themselves in our region.


Churches on Mission Together

Anchor Way

David Bloom

40650 Anchor Way
Steamboat Springs

Our Values


With Denver's ongoing population growth and increasing global influence, we recognize the imperative need to establish numerous new churches throughout the Metro area. Our collaboration with the North American Mission Board focuses on equipping and training church planters to the highest standards, while also aiding local churches in giving birth to robust, sustainable church plants.


Beyond the establishment of new churches, MHBA is committed to revitalizing congregations that face the risk of closure. We firmly believe that churches experiencing stagnation or decline can experience a revival. Our goal is to offer support and fortify these churches so they can continue to propagate the gospel as they have done in the past.


In Denver, a diverse array of people, including natives, refugees, and immigrants, represents over 150 distinct cultural groups. We hold a special responsibility to nurture, support, and engage with these communities through the gospel, fostering the creation of vibrant, inclusive churches. Within the MHBA, we presently oversee congregations for a wide range of cultural groups. 


The MHBA Block Party Trailer serves as an evangelistic resource enabling you to share the gospel with your community. This valuable resource is made available through your church's generous financial support and responsible stewardship. Here, you will discover details about the trailer's contents, rental guidelines, and the reservation process. Upon completing the reservation form, an MHBA representative will reach out to provide further information.
  • 3 Bounce Houses
  • Cotton Candy Machine
  • Snow Cone Machine
  • Popcorn Machine
  • Cornhole (Bean Bag Toss) Boards
  • PA System
  • Gas Generator

  • A 1/2 ton vehicle
  • Equipped with a 2 5/16” ball hitch
  • Must have a 7-pin electrical connection with RV brake hook-up
  • The driver must be experienced in towing trailers
  • Please be aware that MHBA does not supply a driver or vehicle.

Equipment Usage:

Detailed Set-up and Take-down Procedures Notebook included with your rental.

Follow instructions for machinery operation and cleaning.

Ensure proper cleaning and storage of all items, especially concession machines, in designated containers on the trailer.

Deflate and roll inflatables on ground tarps for efficient trailer storage and reduced wear.

Failure to return the trailer in a clean and organized condition may result in a $250 fee.

You are financially responsible for any damage, destruction, or loss to the trailer or its contents during your rental period.

The trailer will only be considered “reserved” once both of the following criteria have been received and you have received a payment confirmation email.

Online Rental Fee of $150

First, could you fill out the Reservation Form?

Once you get confirmation from an MHBA representative regarding trailer availability, you will need to submit online payment for the trailer to be officially reserved. 



The MHBA Grant Request Team provides grants to established MHBA churches and church startups with the aim of supporting evangelistic events, endeavors, and undertakings whose primary objective is to introduce individuals to Jesus Christ.
    1. Your church must be actively participating—and deemed in Good Standing for the current year—within the MHBA.

    2. All grant requests are subject to a review process, availability of funds, and the discretion of the MHBA Executive Team members.

    3. Each church is only allowed ONE GRANT PER YEAR.

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